The pursuit of happiness

never been easy,

quite the opposite:

The step that one day we

forward often

we lost

to take steps backwards

required for survival

but all the days of crying

we always seemed black,

the lonely nights

tearful leave us,

from the depths of our being,

rainy afternoons

we apetecería

stepping out puddles,

and get wet under the drops

moisturizing our hair,

or the sunlight that dry

our bitter tears

or the breeze moves the leaves

the beautiful weeping willow

or the shouts and laughter

a park full of children,

or, our doubts

our uncertainties,

our steps forward

with all the security,

or giving back steps

realize our mistakes …

the morning we left

forgotten in a dress,

afternoon blowing strong

a wind from the north

that makes us get into a coffee

full of readers spellbound,

of poets who write about happiness …

this makes that values ​​slowly

step by step all my life,

and I say to myself:

It was worth living

and now I want to make it fully

as I want and like,

with my mistakes and illusions

put on the dinner table

where I take a strong coffee

Always Hopes New ….
I wish you to be happy and that even in the worst days or nights, lose heart, enthusiasm and never fail to find that little happiness, day by day, we may find ourselves big one in a lifetime, but the sum of many tiny added every day we will be truly happy, because small details are what make our happiness, and our ever so admirable efforts.

thousand kisses to everyone and be happy forever … worth living and make at least half happy ….



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