Happiness is looking for you every day, not dodging
invites you to savor every moment in serenity
sometimes, although I find elusive
and when you are not let it go …

Enjoy the new day and yours
as if it were the last of your life
Love and Be Loved against all odds
Happiness is living to achieve utopia …

Happiness is ripe fruit on the tree take it!
open your door that love and happiness are calling
many colors, bright explosions in the heart
happiness comes to light eternal nights …

Who is happy not afraid that someday cease to be
happiness, joy and love are hovering near our
stop writing about these aspects of life
and strengthens our soul full of light …

Happiness is synonymous with being positive
a person that believes in itself is stronger
faces and things in a good way is more likely
to achieve what is proposed and continue to the end …

Happiness is a state of mind
depends on each one see and feel
it is a solemn state within yourself
is there waiting turn your hand and walk with you …

Happiness is fleeting here, seeks the eternal
We will drive the car of happiness
happiness is in you, prestate a little more attention
the more you seek happiness escapes you …

Happiness is fleeting, enjoy it
small things, great satisfaction, is happiness
Smiles are daily ticket to happiness
life is beautiful, smiling happily, soft light and peace …

If you smile, happiness will be your ally
but if you forget your smile, you will walk away hopelessly
I feel happy every day to live, love and feel
Happiness always sings in you, lives with her light …

I will be happy if your happiness look in my mirror
I look in all, I look at myself and I am happy …….!



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